Breeding Basics

After gaining a few levels, you’ll encounter the message “Your Koi is now an adult and can breed.” This is the beginning of a major part of Zen Koi game, the breeding and collecting different kinds of Koi. Breeding can also be the most exciting part of an otherwise relaxing game.

Every now and then as you play, another adult Koi will swim near to you, a large circle will surround you two, and if you follow them closely, you will be able to breed with that Koi, and the resulting offspring will have characteristics of the two parents.

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In order to breed with another Koi, you will need to follow them closely until the circle timer is full. The other Koi may change direction, so you’ll have to closely follow to try to catch up.

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If you manage to complete the breeding, an egg will result, and you will be able to save it in your “egg slots” to hatch at a later date.

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Sometimes when you hatch an egg, the offspring will follow you around the pond for a while. It’s very cute.


Breeding tips and tricks:

  1. When the other Koi first come towards you, don’t swim towards them. Instead, pause until they reach you. Then they will swim off, and you can quickly follow.
  2. The breeding completion circle goes faster the closer you are to the other Koi, so swim close!
  3. If you lose sight of the other Koi, you may lose your chance to breed with them.
  4. Instead of tapping to follow, try press and hold to move during breeding – with your finger following the nose of the other Koi. This will get you closer and closer.
  5. You will always be able to move faster than the other Koi, but they may be more agile.

Got any breeding tips, please share them in the comments!

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