Breeding Basics

After gaining a few levels, you’ll encounter the message “Your Koi is now an adult and can breed.” This is the beginning of a major part of Zen Koi game, the breeding and collecting different kinds of Koi. Breeding can also be the most exciting part of an otherwise relaxing game.

Every now and then as you play, another adult Koi will swim near to you, a large circle will surround you two, and if you follow them closely, you will be able to breed with that Koi, and the resulting offspring will have characteristics of the two parents.

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In order to breed with another Koi, you will need to follow them closely until the circle timer is full. The other Koi may change direction, so you’ll have to closely follow to try to catch up.

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If you manage to complete the breeding, an egg will result, and you will be able to save it in your “egg slots” to hatch at a later date.

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Sometimes when you hatch an egg, the offspring will follow you around the pond for a while. It’s very cute.


Breeding tips and tricks:

  1. When the other Koi first come towards you, don’t swim towards them. Instead, pause until they reach you. Then they will swim off, and you can quickly follow.
  2. The breeding completion circle goes faster the closer you are to the other Koi, so swim close!
  3. If you lose sight of the other Koi, you may lose your chance to breed with them.
  4. Instead of tapping to follow, try press and hold to move during breeding – with your finger following the nose of the other Koi. This will get you closer and closer.
  5. You will always be able to move faster than the other Koi, but they may be more agile.

Got any breeding tips, please share them in the comments!

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Jellyfish are one of the first fish you’ll encounter in the game, they’re pretty slow, although they move in a pulsing pattern, so there will be times your Koi will miss them or overshoot. Not to worry, you should be able to catch up without too much problem.

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Angel Fish

Angel fish or Flying fish swim in bursts – so will slowly swim forward as they extend their wings, then burst forward in a rush. This can make them very frustrating to catch if your speed isn’t fast enough.

However usually by the time you get to catching Angel Fish, your Koi’s speed will be pretty fast, so you shouldn’t have as much difficulty catching them as Stone Fish or Puffer Fish.

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Sticky fish or green amoebas are a real double-edged sword in Zen Koi game.

Most of the time they’ll attach themselves to you and slow you down. If a bunch of them attach to you, you’ll get slower and slower.

There are three ways to avoid them.

  1. If your speed is reasonably high, you should be able to outun the green sticky amoebas.
  2. If they’re stuck to you, try standing still for a little bit. They will be attracted to motion elsewhere, and un-stick from you.
  3. You can swim through green plants to knock them off your back.

The great thing about the sticky fish is that they often attach to other fish, slowing them down. This is great if it’s a fast fish like the slim fish, and you can quite easily catch up and gobble both at the same time.

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Leaf Fish

These fish are camouflaged with the green leafy plants, and you’ll notice that if you start chasing one, it will try to escape to the nearest plant to find safety in the leaves. While other fish also like to hide in the leaves, the Leaf Fish is impossible to catch if it’s hidden, whereas the others are just camouflaged.

The best strategy for catching these is by making sure your Koi has good speed stats, and chasing the leaf fish when they’re far from the safety of a leafy plant.

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Stone Fish

Stone Fish? Rock Fish, Armor Fish? I’m not really sure what these are called, but they’re durable!

These tough fish don’t move fast but they have a series of tough plates on their back like armor. It seems that when you first go to eat one of these, nothing happens… but if you look carefully, you’ll notice that each nibble your koi takes on the Stone Fish, it loses one of the plates on it’s back. When all plates have been nibbled off, you can then eat the Stone Fish.

It may take 4 or 5 bites to finally eat the fish, so these take a while to eat.

Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. Nom!

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Puffer Fish

Puffer fish are probably the hardest to catch in Zen Koi. Even though they swim really slowly, and don’t turn quickly, they’re really tricky to catch.
Whenever you try to swim to them, they inflate, and cannot be caught.

How to catch Puffer Fish:
The trick is to swim behind them, and sneak up where they can’t see you coming. If you approach at any angle that’s not exactly behind them, they will spot you and inflate.

If you do happen to get the angle wrong, just pause for a moment and the puffer fish will swim forward a little and deflate. Most of the time, you’ll then be in a good position to sneak up on it.

Edit: Some readers have suggested holding your finger down and lead your Koi to eat the puffer, rather than tapping on the puffer fish directly. This seems to make the puffer less likely to “puff”, but you’ll still need to approach stealthily from the rear.

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Skinny Fast Fish

The slim fast fish are hard to catch, especially at the beginning, when they are much faster than you.

There are three approaches that seem to work to catch them.

  1. Level up our speed with the smaller green fish first. These are much easier to catch than the skinny ones, and after a few levels, you’ll be in better shape to try and catch the skinny ones.
  2. Follow them to the edge of the pond. They won’t leave the pond, and will be forced to turn left or right. When they do, you can try to head them off and catch them. This will work much better than just tapping on a fast fish and hoping you can catch up.
  3. If you see a fast fish with a sticky amoeba on it, it will be going much slower, and you can catch it with ease.


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