Moving around

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The tutorial in the game suggests tapping on prey to catch, and that’s pretty much the best strategy to move around, but there are two other methods of moving.

  1. Tapping anywhere on the pond will make your Koi swim towards it. Sometimes it can be beneficial to swim near to a prey fish instead of tapping on it. Only when you’re approaching striking distance then switch to tapping directly on the prey. Why is this a good strategy? Some prey are very hard to catch like the Puffer fish, and need you to be perfectly aligned with them to catch properly. Other fish like the skinny fast fish are hard to catch, so you need to try and head them off by making quick course corrections. If you’re not fast enough to catch these by following, then this method is the only way to catch them successfully.
  2. Tap and hold. This makes the koi follow your finger. This seems to be the best method when you’re trying to keep up with a potential mate.

While nothing in the game can kill you, the red plants can slow you down, and you’ll see your koi close his eyes, as the red border appears on screen. So it’s best to avoid the red spiky plants, since they’ll interrupt your catching of prey and potential mates.




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