Levelling Up


Every time you eat a prey, you gain a little experience. With enough experience, you’ll gain a level, and when you do, you can use that experience to improve an attribute of your koi

Experience is shown in the circle around your level number. When it’s full, you will reach a new level and have Ability Points to allocate to one of your attributes.


So the example below, I have 3 ability points that I can put into Agility, Speed or Rarity.


Photo 26-3-15 9 45 03 pm

Here’s my understanding of what the attributes do, and please add to the comments if you have any thoughts on this.

  1. Agility
    This stat modifies how quickly you can turn, and if improved will help you catch prey much faster. This is what I recommend you put the majority of ability points in at the beginning. Agility also improves the “lunge” when you try to catch a prey.
  2. Speed
    Simply – how fast you can swim. At the beginning, most prey will be faster than you, so you’ll need to get this up to a reasonable level to make your life easier.
  3. Rarity
    This seems to improve the chance that your rare color will be passed on to your offspring. So if you’ve got a koi with a common color, you can prioritize the other two stats over this. However, if you find a rare color, you can spend all of your points on this stat to make sure you get lots of rare-colored offspring.

2 thoughts on “Levelling Up

  1. Do you know how can I open the last portal? I don’t know what do I need to produce the last gems to become a dragon 🙁 my koi has reached level 26. Thanks!

    1. In order to expand the pond and open portals, you need to catch prey of different kinds. You can find out which prey you need to catch in two places – at the top of the screen, there’s sometimes an icon of a fish with a number beside it (eg: 2/5) that means you need to catch 3 more of that fish. Also you can tap the icon at the bottom-right of the screen and you’ll see your current list of prey to catch, and you can convert them to gems to open it. It’s exactly the same process as expanding the pond.

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